My Best Post 
Volume XEX,  Number 4
September 22rd, 2010
Rodeo To Raise "Bronco Bucks" For Charity
Tickets have gone on sale for this year's "Corcodeo" at The Metronome. The annual Thanksgiving evening event this year, will include a jump house for the kids, and a veal sausage dinner guaranteed to please everybody from 4 to 34! Seats available up to, and beyond show time. Proceeds benefit Tri-County SPCA.

Museum Gets Airplane
A single engine aircraft has been added to the exhibits on permanent display at The Museum Of Livestock Culture at South Ambleton. Investigators say the pilotless plane ran out of fuel in a powerful headwind and settled into the second floor lunch patio on Wednesday forenoon, just as the cafeteria was preparing to serve its popular fish-of-the day on ciabatta. "Typically it's some kind of herring or plaice", Police Sergeant Pill Wilburn remarked, "although cod, dace, tench, and even ground eel can be pressed into a patty that is tasty and largely odorless". 

Camera Found, Owner Sought
Tri-County residents can be proud of the good citizen who found a mislaid digital camera and pushed it through the mail slot at  My Best Post. The device is wrapped in a piece of paper which reads "you need to look at this!" Whoever owns the camera can pick it up at our offices for a $30.00 handling fee. 


DEBRIS CLEANUP - and haul away at Mal Auto Repair. Also  have opening for oil and grease man. Must be non-smoker.

EMESIS BASIN - Large Preferred. Call Mr. Kass, Tel. 0989.

NEED SOMEONE - To repair the cable that runs from my comput

Asbestos OK In Talc, Company Says
Assuring consumers and local residents that the benefits outweigh any danger, Torpor Talcum Company of Farley has put all fears to rest regarding the safety of its anti-chafe powder. In a news release made available Friday,  Torpor says its popular line of dry lubricants bring immediate relief, while it  "could be years before the carcinogenic effects of  the product would even begin to be noticed".  

Homes On Springs Remain Available And Unsold
Corco Developer Pedro "Gus" Pedrosian is again discounting his unique tract of two and three bedroom homes in the Urine Creek area. The houses are built on large springs which undulate gently in resonance with outdoor breezes and indoor activity. Many original owners, at first attracted by the idea, found the novelty quickly faded. "I can't hold my lunch", complained Kassim Kass, 44, of Ambleton. "I feel like I'm on a frigate", he wambled.

An article in our Society section last Sunday, should have stated that Mr. Perry Perry of 12338 Canyon Ridge Terrace attended the Civitan Fundraiser Dinner wearing a "satin" suit. (not "satan").

A recent edition of My Best Post reported that hired thugs, had broken up a rally for an Assembly candidate, and in the process, smashed printing presses, destroyed donor records, defaced images, harassed volunteers, vandalized campaign literature, and burned placards at his political headquarters. We were mistaken.
Local University Is Included Among Nation's Best
Corco University College has reason to celebrate, with word that it has been mentioned among the top educational institutions doing soft-materials mining research. The school ranked 497th of the 500 listed.
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